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Celebrating the people who transformed their lives with the help of “The Plan”

"I dropped 15lbs  5% body fat, 9 inches and two pant sizes. Having a coach made the difference for me otherwise I would have just quit the plan. I feel better, have more energy, didnt feel deprived and cant ever imagine eating my old way. My doctor has cut my blood pressure medication in half and the plan is to discontinue it completely."

/// Anonymous

"Hi Carrie, I feel that Im doing very well on my new eating plan. I have lost 6.6lbs already in my first week. I had my one off plan meal today and I didnt feel guilty at all!  Thanks again for helping me."


/// Donavan

"Carrie, I noticed my sugar cravings have decreased, my clothes are looser, my body composition is changing. I know how to properly put a meal together now with your help."

/// Theresa

"After following the 12 week program my total choloesterol is 153, HDL 87 LDL 56 Triglycerides 51, blood sugar level 82.  Celebrating these results with my doctor brought a real sense of accomplishment."

/// Leonard

"Highly recommend! Down 13 lbs and 8% body fat. No more headaches and... a lot more energy. Still have a goal of losing 5 to 10% more body fat%. This program is a lifestyle change. Hoping to also get off the one med I do take for high blood pressure. Recent blood work came back normal! I am not a consistent exerciser and I am a stress eater. I work 45 to 50 hours a week and juggle family responsibilities as well. If I can do this anyone can!!!!"

/// Cheryl

I'm Down 11lbs:

3% body fat

4.5 inches waist

4 inches hip

1 inch neck

Losing my mother at her young age of 56, drove my desire to make changes in my own life. Carrie jump started my endeavor with her 8 week program. No dieting, eating just as much, just smaller and more frequently by pairing the food choices in a way that stabilizes my blood sugar. Thanks for everything, i look forward to continuing my journey!

/// Misty

Katie another busy professional learning to make time for Health. 8 weeks in and down:

  • 13 pounds and 4%body fat

  • 16 inches ( neck, waist, hip, thigh )

"Love buttoning my suitcoats, and pulling old favorite clothes out of the closet to wear again...thrilled with more energy and understanding my food ( knowing how to enjoy my sweets and still make progress)"

katie b4.jpg
katie after.jpg

Not only is this lovely lady a breast cancer survivor...she is a Thriver:
Down 20 pounds
Cholesterol reduced from 199 to 160
Triglycerides reduced from 218 to 122
#inspiredbymyclients #luvwhatIdo

/// Katie

Congrats to this busy professional who found the time to make her health a priority:

  • Down 12 pounds

  • 6% body fat

  • 8.5 inches in waist

  • 4.25 inches in hips

  • 5.5 inches in thigh

  • Down 1 - 2 pant sizes

  • Insulin reduced from 35 units to 12 units

Blood pressure excellent with pending reduction in medication, More energy/focus; sugar cravings gone;
Feeling great; sleeping better!!

/// Joanne

jasmin b4.jpg
jasmin after.jpg

Jasmin...down 30 pounds... reclaiming her waistline. #PFCevery3 #reshape#lifestyle

/// Jasmin

lisa b4.jpg
lisa - after.jpg

This busy professional Lisa Hutson... Making health a priority 1% at a time.
Down: 21 pounds
03% body fat
09 inches waist
8.5 inches hips
06 inches thigh
#PFCevery3 #RestoflifeBestoflife


All these people
changed their lives with "The Plan"
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