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So this is a perfect partnership for me, as I have 25 years experience as a Registered Nurse.  I witnessed far too much sickness and suffering, which instilled a Dream in myself to contribute to the healing of the world through fitness and nutrition.


It is my belief that most of the diseases and conditions that the patients under my care suffered from, could have been prevented and possibly reversed. We are designed to live to 115 years old, Healthy...not decrepit...but like we are 40.


Even with more options and information available than ever before...Our health as a society continues to regress and obesity levels continue to rise.  We need to take a step back and ask ourselves Why.  As a coach, I give you guided information, separating facts from hype.  Getting back to the basics and feeding our bodies based on our physiology is key.  Break the cycle of yo-yo dieting, instead, imagine using food to create hormonal balance.  That's what eating in threes’ and blood sugar stabilization is all about.

Carrie is certified and partnered with Venice Nutrition founder Mark Macdonald; an International health expert, sports nutritionist, New York Times best seller and ambassador for the American Diabetes Association.
At the age of 19, while in nursing school, required reading included the book  Aerobics for Women by Kenneth Cooper.  And, so began my health journey.  I implemented the strategies, lost 25 pounds, and have managed to keep myself fit ever since.  Fast forward to my mid-forty's, while still considered fit and healthy, these same strategies weren't quite as effective.  I developed the classic "muffin top", had less energy and just over all didn't feel as good.
About 8 to 9 years ago I was introduced to the concept of blood sugar stabilization through Mark Macdonald.  By following the principals of stabilizing my blood sugar, my life was once again changed, carrying me well into my 50's.  I learned to eat in 3's, how to put a meal together with the correct ratio of nutrients, and how to work out smarter...not harder.  Wa-lah... creating hormonal balance, my muffin top disappeared. I felt better, had more energy and successfully dropped my body fat percentage from a moderate range, to a fit and even performance level.
Having a foundation... a program to fall back on, was a useful tool in stress management as well.  I was dealing with a career change, raising a teen-age daughter, and a life-threatening injury sustained by my husband, along with a few other personal/family crises.  Choosing to make Health a priority was a significant factor in our not only surviving, but Thriving through those challenges.
You can eat healthy food and work out all day long, but if you don't know how to put your meals together based on keeping your blood sugar stable, you will not achieve the permanent results you are looking for. Think of a baby.  In the first year of life, a baby takes either breast milk or formula every 3 hours.  Breast milk is the perfect composition of protein, fat and carbohydrate.  That is how we are designed to eat our entire life.  Our body is a "fuel itself as it goes machine".
I work primarily with middle-aged professionals, who after years of putting their health on the back burner, are now paying a price.  I coach them toward reclaiming their health by learning to eat balanced...not just healthy...but balanced.  That is the Difference-Maker.

Sharpe Dreams Mission is to Educate on the myth of dieting and the Power of blood sugar stabilization. To offer the Hope and Possibility that you Can achieve your health and fitness goals. While at the same time, enjoy the process, working it into your busy life style.

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